A celebration of Portugal's greatest symbols

    Featuring some of the most classic pieces of Portuguese jewelry, this collection hides a unique meaning in each of the pieces, making up the DNA of the country’s collective soul.

    HEART OF VIANA - The Heart of Viana was created as a symbol of devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, but soon became an iconical and emotional heritage of Portugal and of the Portuguese art of filigree. For those who own it the Heart Of Viana is a symbol of honesty and generosity.

    QUEEN EARRINGS - According to an old tale, a pair of earrings where offered to Queen Maria II during her visit to Viana do Castelo and the popular model quickly became known as the Queen Earrings. This iconic model oh the Portuguese jewellery, also used as a pendant, is a favorite of the young Fado singers. Wear it and it will make you feel a Queen.

    Take Portugal with you anywhere you go

    VIANA'S CONTA - The young women from Viana do Castelo had the ambition to own a necklace full of Viana’s ‘Conta’ at a time, with the money they raised from selling eggs and chickens. Use your first ‘Conta’ to remember that great achievements are conquered with small victories.

    ESCUDO - meaning Shield, represents the weapons of a nation and also means protection. A symbol with which we have indentified ourselves as a people since the distant 15th century.

    Available in both silver and gold plated silver