Built on a 68-year heritage, each Portugal Jewels piece is a treasure, crafted by jewelers who have honed their skills over decades.





    Time-Honored Crafts

    We are dedicated to preserving and celebrating time-honored crafts that embody the rich history and cultural heritage of Portugal. Our commitment ensures these venerable practices continue to thrive, connecting past, present, and future through exquisite craftsmanship.


    Filigree involves crafting ultra-fine, woven, and soldered threads of silver or gold. These delicate strands, as thin as 0.22mm, are skillfully drawn and twisted to create durable, intricate designs.


    Enameling is a vibrant and intricate art form that involves fusing powdered glass to metal, creating a glossy, colored surface. This technique gives life to vivid works of art.

    Baroque Style

    Baroque style is characterized by its extravagant and ornate designs, with an emphasis on bold, flowing curves and elaborate details. This style often features rich decorations and dramatic use of contrast, embodying a sense of grandeur and luxury in each piece.

    Hand Engraving

    Hand engraving involves carving designs directly onto metal surfaces with specialized tools. This craft demands steadiness, precision, and an artistic eye, as each stroke is manually etched, creating unique, intricate patterns.

    Stone Setting

    Stone setting involves securely embedding gemstones into metal. Artisans skillfully position each stone to maximize its beauty and brilliance. This process not only ensures the stone's durability but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the jewelry, creating pieces that are both stunning and enduring.

    Signature of Authenticity

    Each of our jewelry pieces, crafted with the finest precious metals, is stamped with a hallmark.
    This hallmark is our pledge of authenticity and quality.

    The Essence of the Hallmark

    The hallmark on each piece serves as a guarantee. It details the type of precious metal used and its purity, assuring you of the genuine quality of the materials.

    A Promise of Authenticity

    This hallmark represents our commitment to excellence. It's a testament to the authenticity of the materials we use and the care we put into crafting each piece. It's also a part of our heritage, ensuring that your jewelry from Portugal Jewels is as genuine and timeless as your affection for it.

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