Portugal Jewels

    Portugal Jewels was born from the desire to promote Portuguese jewelry, recovering traditional models and designs, with a contemporary approach. Our aim is to create and curate jewels with a Portuguese soul and timeless design that span generations. We believe that each jewel tells a story: the meaning of each symbol, the mastery behind each technique, the uniqueness of each design. But more important than the history they carry, it is the memories that eternalize the wearer.you will live with these jewels.


    Portugal Jewels is a family project. Joana and Alexandre, the third generation of a family with a great tradition in the sector, are today the faces of the project. They divide their time between Lisbon, where the company is based, and Gondomar, cradle of traditional Portuguese jewelry, where the workshops they work with are located. They closely monitor all processes to ensure the authenticity and quality of the pieces. Portugal Jewels' mission is to contribute to the promotion of traditional Portuguese jewelry, endorsing the quality of manufacture and design that distinguish it throughout the world. With one of the most complete collections of traditional jewelry, Portugal Jewels also develops exclusive collections that combine the heritage of the technique with contemporary designs. The brand is present in points of sale throughout the country, including the main airports, museums and national monuments, as well as reference jewelry stores. In addition, the collections are available on their online store at www.portugaljewels.com, from where they travel around the world.