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    We are Joana and Alexandre, and our heritage has inspired us to create something truly special.

    We are delighted to share our story with you.

    Our story dates back to 1955...
    in the heart of Gondomar, a town steeped in Portuguese jewelry craftsmanship.

    It all began when our grandfather, José, established a modest jewelry workshop. Little did we know that this beginning would shape the course of our family's history.

    Years passed, and our mother, Rosa Amélia, became one of the few women in jewelry distribution. Her pioneering spirit deepened our family's love for jewelry-making, evolving it into a cherished legacy. In 2017, we, Joana and Alexandre, the third generation, embraced this legacy, bringing to life Portugal Jewels.

    Our passion for preserving Portuguese traditions inspired us to breathe new life into traditional jewelry design, with a modern touch. At Portugal Jewels, our purpose is simple: to create jewelry that embodies Portugal's essence. Each piece carries stories, from the symbolism it holds to the expert craftsmanship behind it.

    We believe our jewelry lets you wear history and make your own. Each piece captures moments and emotions, becoming a part of your unique story. 

    Join us on this journey to discover the essence of Portuguese jewelry, where each piece is a timeless treasure. 

    José Martins Barbosa
    Rosa Amélia Barbosa
    Joana e Alexandre

    our values

    Tradition and Heritage

    We're committed to keeping Portuguese tradition alive by honoring and preserving the rich heritage of Portuguese jewelry-making and celebrating its cultural significance.


    We place a high value on the meticulous artistry and expert craftsmanship that go into every piece, all proudly crafted in Portugal.


    At our core, family is everything. We craft each piece with the same love and care that we'd give our own, preserving Portugal's heritage for families to pass down through generations.


    We commit to creating jewelry with enduring designs, ensuring that each piece stands the test of time and remains cherished across generations.

    Discover how we keep tradition alive