Craftmanship & Materials

    Where are our Portugal Jewels pieces made?

    All Portugal Jewels jewels are designed and made in Portugal, in workshops in Gondomar, in the north of the country.

    How are Portugal Jewels pieces made?

    Our jewelry is made in our workshops in Gondomar.


    From what metal are Portugal Jewels pieces made of?

    The Portugal Jewels collections are made in 925‰ Silver, 9Kt Gold or 19.2Kt Gold.

    All jewelry is in silver, except for the following collections:


    All our silver jewelry in silver is in 925‰ silver an alloy of silver that contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of other metals.  Silver is usually alloyed with other metals to increase its hardness and strength and to make it less deformable.

    Portugal Jewels silver jewelry is gold plated or oxidized, which protects the silver and helps to reduce natural darkening in the long term. Both procedures are just a surface treatment of the jewelry and do not alter the color or internal properties of the silver.

    Oxidized silver jewelry is silver whose surface has been intentionally darkened by exposure to a chemical process that simulates, in a controlled version, the natural process of darkening silver. A layer of silver sulfide forms on the outside of the metal, giving it a blackened appearance, and is later polished to give it a shine. This coating does not eliminate the long-term natural tarnish of sterling silver.

    A gold plated silver piece is silver with an outer layer of 24Kt gold. This coating does not eliminate the long-term natural darkening of silver and you are more likely to notice blemishes on gold plated silver jewelry than on oxidized silver jewelry.

    In case of doubt, all consumers can check the veracity of each brand at the INCM Assay Offices.

    How can I know the prices for Gold and Silver?

    Daily gold and silver quotes are available on the Banco de Portugal website. You can also check it here.

    What are the stones in the Ana Moura x Portugal Jewels collection?

    The stones of the Ana Moura x Portugal Jewels collection are all produced in the laboratory, in detail:

    • Green - Laboratory-produced emerald (same chemical structure as natural emerald)
    • Red - Laboratory-produced ruby ​​(same chemical structure as natural ruby)
    • Purple - Amethyst Cubic Zirconia
    • White - Transparent cubic zirconia


    The chosen colors symbolize the flag of Portugal and the admiration of the fado singer Ana Moura for the American musician Prince.

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    Jewelry Care & Repairs

    How should I take care of my Portugal Jewels pieces?

    Portugal Jewels pieces are created for you with all the care and detail by Portuguese artisans.


    Let your jewelry rest, avoid wearing them during physical activity and remove them before going to sleep. Store your jewelry away from sunlight and heat.


    Avoid exposing them to moisture (water, cream or perfume) and just clean them with a soft dry cloth so that the jewelry can be enjoyed for generations in your family.

    How should I store my Portugal Jewels pieces?

    Ensuring the longevity of your Portugal Jewels pieces is as important to you as it is to us.


    To avoid scratches and tangled chains, we recommend that you store your jewelry pieces individually, ideally in your Portugal Jewels jewelry box. Also remember to ensure that your necklaces and bracelets are secure. 


    To prevent staining, keep the jewels away from heat or moisture. Instead, keep them in a dark, cool and dry place. When not in use, silver and gold jewelry should be stored in a closed pouch or an airtight box to keep out air, which causes further oxidation.


    Do not forget to pay special attention to items that contain gemstones to prevent them from bumping into each other when stored.

    How should I clean my Portugal Jewels pieces?

    Portugal Jewels pieces are created for you with the greatest care and detail by Portuguese artisans.


    That is why we advise you not to get them wet. Instead, clean them gently with a soft, dry cloth or a soft toothbrush. This way, you can ensure that the jewelry will be appreciated for generations in your family.


    Should you have any question or need further advice on this issue, feel free to contact us at INFO@PORTUGALJEWELS.COM

    What should I avoid doing with my Portugal Jewels items?

    To ensure the longevity of your Portugal Jewels pieces, there are a few things you should avoid doing.

    We do not recommend getting your jewelry wet: when taking a shower, washing your hands, swimming or exercising. Do not directly apply perfumes, lotions or sprays on them.

    Do not use abrasive jewelry cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can compromise the quality of your jewelry over time. We also advise against the use of jewelry polishing cloths that have been treated with cleaning products or polishing agents. 

    My Portugal Jewels jewelry needs a repair. What can I do?

    Our mission is to guarantee the longevity of your Portugal Jewels pieces. For this reason, we offer a full range of repairs, including repairing broken jewelry, coating, cleaning and fixing gemstones. We will give you a fair repair quote.

    Please contact us with an image of your jewelry at INFO@PORTUGALJEWELS.COM 

    Portugal Jewels is present in several stores in Portugal and around the world. If you want to repair jewelry that was originally purchased from a physical store, please contact the store directly to carry out the repair.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any further question at

    Warranty & Certification

    Is my Portugal Jewels item covered by a warranty?

    Yes. All items have a warranty period of 2 years covering all manufacturing defects and damage but excluding situations caused by misuse or accident. 

    Note that all jewelry is handcrafted, made from natural materials and, therefore, its composition and color may vary slightly from the image shown. There may also be slight variations in their actual dimensions and specifications. 

    Warranty does not apply if:

    • The discoloration of the piece is caused by exposure to intense light, perfumes or any other chemical products, makeup, swimming pools, hot tubs and similar;
    • The customer personally modifies or repairs the item, or if the customer allows a third party to do so;
    • The natural process of fading of the coating and tarnishing of sterling silver item occurs;
    • The item in question has been exposed to unusual circumstances, careless handling or conditions contrary to those advised by Portugal Jewels.

    After examination and confirmation of the validity of the warranty, the product will be repaired or replaced and returned to your address.

    Is my Portugal Jewels piece certified?

    Yes. Our Portugal Jewels pieces are hallmarked by INCM Assays Office in accordance with Portuguese Law No. 98/2015.

    This guarantee is the responsibility of the state institute INCM which ensures the legal fineness of the precious metal alloy using the most modern analytical methods supported by laboratories accredited by IPAC.

    Please check the Table of assay office marks of Portugal. The Table before 2021 is available here.

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