We understand that true sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We promise integrity and thoughtful choices in our quest to minimize our environmental footprint, but we acknowledge that we are not perfect. This compromise is reflected in four sustainable pillars:





    Recycled Materials

    We’re committed to a circular economy. We craft our pieces using over 90% recycled precious metals. This approach not only honors the past but also eliminates the need for new mining, reducing our environmental footprint.

    Repair Program

    Our commitment to longevity doesn't end at sale. We offer a comprehensive repair program to maintain the timeless beauty of your pieces, ensuring they remain part of your family's story for generations. 

    Made in Europe

    Our jewelry is born in the hands of local European artisans. We honor their skill while adhering to stringent ethical and safety standards, including REACH compliance, to ensure our creations are as responsible as they are beautiful.

    Pass it Down

    Choosing Portugal Jewels means more than just getting beautiful jewelry. It's about joining a tradition of keeping special pieces for a long time and then passing them on. Our jewelry is made to last and be loved for generations, helping you to be thoughtful about what you buy and cherish.

    Have suggestions for us?

    At Portugal Jewels, the sustainability of our jewelry and operations plays an increasingly important role in our strategy and decisions. If you have suggestions on how we can improve, we welcome you to contact us at

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